Our diverse group of multi-national teachers are passionate about your child’s happiness and growth and come to us with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. During the school year, our teachers attend various educational training programs in Georgia. In addition, many of our teachers have degrees in early childhood education and math, and are certified as CDAs (Childhood Developmental Associate).

Our diversified and multilingual group of teachers gives our international preschool
a different cultural flavor. At least half of our teachers speak two languages
(English and Spanish).

Vilma Lupo, Owner of Vinings Academy

As founder and owner of Vinings Academy International Preschool, Vilma Lupo is responsible for managing its vision, mission, and curriculum.

Coming from a multi-ethnic family environment,Vilma was raised to respect different cultures, languages and beliefs. Her father was born in Latvia, while her mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico. During her college years she met and married her husband, who is of Italian descent. Vilma has traveled internationally and is familiar with many different languages and cultures. Her vision for Vinings Academy is to bring international experiences to children, and expand their view of the world.