My son has been attending the South Cobb location for two years now and loves it! I have been so pleased with the school, its teachers and staff. It has been the perfect combination of a high quality education in a very nurturing environment.

Nicole J.
South Cobb location

Vinings Academy has been a partner in raising our children for over 7 years. All three of our children have attended Vinings Academy and all three are kind, thoughtful, smart kids who compete well in any environment they enter. As parents, we can take some credit for this but much must be given to the people who have been their educators and nurturers each day since they were 18 months. I tell every new parent I meet to make sure Vinings Academy is at the top of the list for education options for their future learners.

B. Clowdus & BreeAnne Clowdus
Concord location

VERY HAPPY,VERY CONTENT, VERY PLEASED are the words that come to my mind when I think of Vinings Academy. My son started at Vinings Academy at 18 months (and he still goes there) and it is the wisest and smartest decision we made. I am amazed about how much he has excelled academically and socially. The teachers are very well trained and they treat every child with the utmost special care. The director and the school go the extra mile in every which way. I would highly recommend this school to my friends and family.

Urjita W.
Concord location

We are parents of two Vinings Academy graduates. Both our children were thoroughly prepared for their kindergarten experience thanks to the sound academic base they received from their years at VA. The nurturing environment allowed them to grow into well-rounded, successful students. We continue to recommend the school to friends with pre-school age children.

Jeff & Kim H.
South Cobb location

For two years, our son has very happily been attending Vinings Academy. At first step in the door, you immediately feel the positive and enriching environment that makes VA special. The VA Staff is warm, sincere, and skilled. The classrooms and playground are bright, stimulating, and safe. It’s a daily joy to see him take pride in what he has learned, built or created with his teachers and classmates. We are so glad to have such a nurturing and academically strong program for our child to learn and grow in every day!

Hilarie W.
Concord location

My daughter has been at the concord location and we love it! We have recommended it to several of our friends. She comes home every day with new things that she has learned and talking about her friends and teachers. The staff is very responsive, flexible and caring. She is so happy there and that make us happy.

Judy B.
Concord location

We chose Vinings Academy for our children for many reasons. From research we’ve done, learning a second language is good for brain development so this was important to us. Vinings Academy incorporates Spanish in their curriculum. We did not want our children going to a “day care” or “Mommy’s Morning Out” type environment, but preferred they actually be learning when at preschool. Vinings Academy seemed to be more academic than the church preschools. We also wanted our children to be able to explore their creativity while learning. The teachers at Vinings Academy seem to allow the children this outlet as well by doing special projects on a regular basis. We’ve been very pleased with Vinings Academy, what our children have learned there, and how nurturing the teachers are there.

Carrie G.
South Cobb location

Will loves going to school and runs to the car each day. He has learned so much in the past two years with all of the teachers at Vinings. The teachers are as proud of him as we are!

Jennifer C.
Concord location

Two of our children have graduated from Vinings Academy and our youngest is about to start. We absolutely love the teachers, the classes, and the love our children have received. Anyone looking for a place for your children to thrive and be loved should absolutely come to VA.

Hetal G.
Concord location