After School Programs

In the afternoons at both locations (S. Cobb and Concord Road), Vinings Academy offers additional educational and fun programs. These are not included in the regular tuition. Please click here to download the current class schedule which includes a complete list of classes/prices and the application form. Here are descriptions of our afternoon programs:

  • Intermediate Spanish – Continue to learn the Spanish language. Students must know basic Spanish vocabulary and answer basic questions in Spanish.
  • Advance Spanish – This program is designed for students who speak Spanish and need to improve their vocabulary and begin to read and write in Spanish.
  • Mandarin Chinese – Your child will learn basic concepts in Mandarin Chinese by playing games and singing songs.
  • Math and Music – Imagine your child in a fun environment that brings out his/her inner musician and scholar. Each session is filled with fun activities centered on a daily mathematical concept. Children learn songs to help remember math concepts, and also explore different genres of music.
  • More Mirror Dance – Great for active boys and girls, this class consist of 20 minutes each of jazz, ballet and acrobatics.

Click here for a download of more information on this program.